Unlimited Exportation of Kaolinite to the EU Countries

Kaolinite is one of the most common combinations that is produced in abundance in soil which is composed of the chemical weathering of rocks in hot and humid climates. Pure white kaolinite is the most delicate and gentle category, which has many applications in various industries. That is why we have included the production and export of this kaolinite to other countries. Our products have the highest quality and reasonable price and are unrivaled in the market.

Unlimited Exportation of Kaolinite to the EU Countries

What’s the Best Kind of Packaging for Exporting Kaolinite?

What’s the Best Kind of Packaging for Exporting Kaolinite? packaging is described as a coordinated system that aims to prepare goods for transportation, distribution, storage, sale, and consumption, and is usually done by export packaging companies. A good package consists of three stages, the initial packaging in which the kaolinites at this level must be placed in a special packaging of minerals that has its own structure and the purpose of its protection of goods, proper distribution, ease access to and storage of the product, observance of hygienic points and introduction of packaging content, in addition to preventing quantitative and qualitative changes in the product.

The next stage is secondary packaging. This level of packaging is in progress between the manufacturer and the distributor is used to store and integrate some types of kaolinites. Kaolinite packaging must be durable during storage in the warehouse and customs area. The kind of kaolinite and its number should be stated on the package. The packaging is suitable for long-term shipping. Ability to unload and load without the need for mechanical equipment. And the last step is packaging for transporting. The goal of this packaging is to preserve the matter features of the kaolinite in the time interval between warehousing, handling, and transportation to avoid possible risks.

What’s the HS Code of Kaolinite in the Global Market?

What’s the HS Code of Kaolinite in the Global Market? The HC code is a performance standardization system for the identification and classification of products designed by governments to address tax, pricing, budgeting, and economic policies. Tariff and non-tariff measures include international trade regulations and other types of foreign economic activity, as well as the maintenance of customs statistics. In international trade, all commercial goods are classified according to a harmonized global standard. Each product has a standard eight-digit code and is used in the same way in all organizations, including the tax affairs organization, trade development organization, ministry of industry, mines, and trade, which indicates the specifications of the product.

International commodity code specifies many details of kaolinite in their sales invoices and in global markets, manufacturers and buyers note this code as the product identifier. The HS Code for kaolinite is 25070020, which, like other goods, indicates detailed information, the category of the group in which this material is placed, which means that kaolinite is in the group of minerals, and other particular information of this product that will be specified for traders in different countries.

The first two digits indicate the tariff season. The second two digits show the original number. The third two digits represent the sub-number and the last two digits include the internal division and more details.

Latest Price List of White Kaolinite in the CIS Region

Latest Price List of White Kaolinite in the CIS Region Because kaolinite is a mineral that has industrial uses, which means that many different industries, including paper, cosmetics, and even toothpaste, use kaolinite to make their products, the importance of quality pure production of this functional product has become very significant. Therefore, we are very pleased to have been able to generate products that have unparalleled quality compared to our other existing counterparts in the market. Also, because we put customer satisfaction in the priority of our goals, we determine the price of our products in such a way that in bulk sales, despite this quality, it is the best market price of this product. Until we can turn our clients into constant customers. In addition, our after-sales services include an action that will give you particular benefits in the transaction process.

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