Ukraine Ball Clay Purchase Price

Ukraine Ball Clay is a type of clay equivalent to kaolin, but it differs in that it has a higher viscoelastic property and less temperature resistance.

Ukraine Ball Clay

Ukraine Ball Clays are utilized in the ceramic tile sector for both whiteness and dry bonding resistance.

Ukraine Ball Clays are offered to customer appreciation with quality control performed before that first delivery.

Because of their high quality, Ukrainian clays have been accessible in Western European countries since the end of 1992.

Their superb ceramic characteristics sparked a stoneware tile boom, beginning in Italy, where annual production volume now exceeds 330 Mm2.

As a result, clay exports from the Wester Wald region to Italy are declining, posing severe issues for German clay producers.

Six Ukrainian companies have established themselves in the global clay industry.

Ukraine Ball Clay

Ukraine Ball Clay Features

Ball clay, also identified as ‘plastic clay,’ is an incredibly rare mineral that may only be found in a few locations around the world.

It is a kaolinitic clay composed of 20-80% kaolinite, 10-25% mica, 6-65% quartz, and some organic compounds.

Title Description
Utilized In Ceramic Tile Sector
Finction Whiteness and Dry Bonding Resistance
Component 20-80% Kaolinite, 10-25% Mica, 6-65% Quartz
Use For Ceramic Body Casting and Plastic Characteristics Control

Ball clays are valued for their use in the manufacture of ceramics such as sanitaryware, kitchenware, ceramic tile, and large surfaces.

Also, ball clays are made of technical ceramic materials and electronic porcelain.

Ball clays are primarily used to control the casting and plastic characteristics of the ceramic body, as well as to provide cohesion and workability during manufacturing.

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Buy Ukraine Ball Clay

Ball clay is a very scarce mineral with many clients all over the world, and significant steps should be made to buy Ukraine Ball Clay.

Because this mineral is extremely rare, many dealers may take full advantage of it.

There are many similar minerals on the market that resemble the general ball in appearance, and you must be able to identify them when buying.

Buy Ukraine Ball Clay

Ukraine Ball Clay Price + Buy and Sell

Ball clay prices fluctuate significantly throughout the year; these prices will be $85.00-$95.0075 cubic meters (MOQ) until the end of 2022.

The most renowned ball clay in the world is Ukrainian clay, and merchants come to Ukraine to purchase this valuable mineral.

As previously stated, many brokers misrepresent ball clay from other countries as being from Ukraine, and as a result, they make a lot of money.

Many industries involved in the production of ceramic tiles and refractory brick kilns, which use the most ball clay, are among the top buyers of this mineral.

Contact our consultants for more information on the price and how to buy.

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The Answer to Two Questions About Ukraine Ball Clay

1: Wgat are Ukraine Ball Clay componens?

20-80% kaolinite, 10-25% mica, 6-65% quartz, and some organic compounds.

2: What Ukraine Ball Clay made of?

Ball clays are made of technical ceramic materials and electronic porcelain.

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