Top-Rated Wholesale Dealer of Pure Dolomite Powder

Dolomite is a mineral stone with a crystalline structure and comes in a variety of colors including white, pink and gray. Our factory is one of the top-rated dolomite powder exporters used in the construction, health and service industries. This powder is used in the oil and petrochemical industry and for cement production. We produce dolomite powder using the best machinery and industrial equipment and supply it to the market in wholesale prices.

Top-Rated Wholesale Dealer of Pure Dolomite Powder

Data Bank of Dolomite Powder’s Worldwide Exportation

Data Bank of Dolomite Powder’s Worldwide Exportation We can name the Middle East and East Asian countries in the data bank of dolomite powder exporters. In general, the purchase and sale of dolomite are done by a reputable seller in related centers. Buying dolomite requires having enough information about the product as well as referring to an authorized dealer. It is possible to buy. Large quantities of this mineral are exported to different countries by large agencies in Asian countries. The price of these products is determined based on factors such as the purity of the stones.

The sources of dolomite in Asian countries are such that 2000 tons of dolomite stone is extracted daily in these countries and then in the factory, using modern and electrical equipment, they are turned into powder and supplied to the applicant countries in the world market.

The export of dolomite powder in bulk and on a large scale is profitable for the countries of East Asia and the Middle East and has become one of the most important industries for these countries. 84,000 tons of dolomite powder is produced annually in each of the producing countries of this mineral powder, which moreover of meeting domestic needs, is also exported to European countries.

Legal Situation of Exporting Dolomite Powder to the EU Countries

Legal Situation of Exporting Dolomite Powder to the EU Countries Here are some legal items for exporting dolomite powder to the EU countries:

  • Customs tariffs: It can be considered as one of the most important and main things that it is necessary to know for businesses that want to export to Europe. By searching on Google, you can find the customs tariff table of each country.
  • International freight conventions and contracts: There are usually different methods for transporting goods, including land, air, sea, rail, and a combination of these. There are two Warsaw and Chicago conventions on air transport, the Brussels, Hamburg and the Hague conventions on maritime transport, and the Carnegie convention on land transport, which traders should pay attention to.
  • Monetary and banking laws of the country: Commercial affairs are very intertwined with finance. To export goods to any country, one must consider the monetary and banking laws of that country and study its executive regulations.
  • International commercial arbitration law: It is One of the main sources for resolving commercial disputes between different parties.

Latest Price List of Dolomite Powder in Middle East Market

Latest Price List of Dolomite Powder in Middle East Market The price of dolomite powder in the Middle East depends on various factors. Sellers offer these powders with different qualities that make a difference in the price of mineral powder. And you have to make sure of the percentage of impurities in them.

Skilled manpower, advanced equipment, experienced engineers, and quality materials are the factors that affect the price of dolomite powder. Factories determine the final price of the product according to these factors. for more information about the price list of dolomite powder, you can search on the internet and reliable websites. These sites will help you choose the product you want.

Dolomite powder is also used in the production of toothpaste, so to have clean teeth, use toothpaste that has dolomite powder in its composition. Also, the presence of valuable and heavy crystals in this powder makes its transportation costly, which affects the final price. Type of packaging: Dolomite powder is marketed in two types of bag and bulk packaging. The price of a bagged powder is higher than the price of the bulk type. Many industries buy it in bulk because of its affordable price.

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