Special Sale of Dolomite Crystal

Special sale of dolomite crystals is done by the top sales agents. Dolomite crystal factories with the help of experts in this field have been able to extract the best type of these stones from the mines and then using special methods to turn it into high hardness stones, finally it is ready for sale and send to markets across the country.

In our company, we make customer satisfaction a priority. This manufacturing company is ready to offer dolomite crystal with the highest quality and reasonable prices to different cities and foreign countries.

Special Sale of Dolomite Crystal

What Are the Compositions of Dolomite Crystals?

What Are the Compositions of Dolomite Crystals? The Dolomite Crystal Compositions are:

Dolomite is a double carbonate with an alternating structure of calcium and magnesium ions, and its crystals are found in white, tan, gray, or pink. Small amounts of iron in the structure of this mineral give the crystals a yellow to brown color. Solid solution exists between dolomite, predominant iron inserite, and predominantly manganese cotenohorite. Small amounts of iron in the structure give the crystals a yellow to brown color. Manganese substitutes in the structure also contain up to about three percent manganese. The high amount of manganese gives the crystals a rosy pink color. Lead, zinc and cobalt are also substituted in the structure of magnesium. Inorganic dolomite is closely related to Mg3Ca (CO3) 4.

This compound is rarely found in new sedimentary environments, but dolostones are very common. They can be geographically vast and hundreds to thousands of feet thick. Most dolomite-rich rocks initially precipitate as calcium carbonate sludge and change after deposition. This mineral is used as an ornamental stone, concrete aggregate and source of magnesium oxide and also in the Pidgeon process to produce magnesium. In addition, dolomite is an important oil reservoir and acts as a host rock for the deposition of metal ores such as lead, zinc and copper.

What Is Dolomite Crystal Good For?

What Is Dolomite Crystal Good For? Dolomite Crystal Application are:

  • Dolomite is an ornamental stone, a concrete aggregate and a source of magnesium oxide. This is an important reservoir of oil. Where calcite limestone is very rare or expensive, dolomite is sometimes used in its place for iron and steel.
  • Dolomite is also used as a substrate in marine aquariums to help with buffer changes in water pH.
  • Large quantities of processed dolomite are used in the production of floating glass.
  • Calcined dolomite is also used as a catalyst to remove tar in biomass degassing at high temperatures. Particle physics researchers like to create particle trackers beneath dolomite layers so that trackers can detect the largest number of strange particles.
  • In horticulture, dolomite and dolomite limestone are added to the soil, and a mixture of waterless pots is added as a pH buffer and as a source of magnesium.
  • Because dolomite contains relatively small amounts of radioactive material, it can insulate against cosmic ray interference without adding to the background radiation level. In addition to being an industrial mineral, dolomite is highly valued by collectors and museums when it forms large, clear crystals.

The Main Wholesalers of Dolomite Crystal

The Main Wholesalers of Dolomite Crystal The main Dolomite Crystal Wholesalers offer you the best products at the most reasonable prices. Dolomite crystal has an excellent quality that its production centers are widely active and also very prosperous, which have their own customers and fans. Due to its unique properties, Dolomite Crystal has attracted the attention of many marketers and customers, and has also been able to attract the attention of many enthusiasts, including foreign countries, with its high quality, beauty and attractiveness.

This type of crystal is offered in the market by our production group with the best type of production quality and also at the most appropriate price, which are unique and very valuable in their kind. It should be noted that this precious stone is exported to most countries in the world every year with a high tonnage in a high number of orders, and exports play a major role in the country’s economy.

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