High Ranked Bulk Exporter of Kaolin Clay in the CIS Region

Kaolinite is a common clay mineral called kaolin or porcelain, and along with several other minerals, it forms a group called dickite or nacrite. White clay is a light, soft, granular powder that has a high absorption power. We are the high-ranked bulk exporter of white kaolin clay in the CIS region. Our company exports this product with reasonable price and high quality. You can stay in touch with us if you are looking for more information about the product.

High Ranked Bulk Exporter of Kaolin Clay in the CIS Region

How to Send a Sample of Kaolin Clay to Foreign Buyers?

How to Send a Sample of Kaolin Clay to Foreign Buyers? Our company sends samples of our kaolin clay to buyers all over the world through international mail so that you can have the products in a short amount of time. For sending these products in a large volume, we utilize the following ways according to your destinations. Based on this factor we have some ways to choose the best way of transportation. For bulk content according to these elements, products are sent to the buyers by one of these ways such as sea, air, rail, and road. We describe each below:

  • plane: most quick but the most expensive way
  • Rail and road transportation: the benefits of this kind of transportation are lower shipping expenses than others.
  • Sea transportation: it is one of the most common types of international shipping methods. Because half of the earth is covered by the waters of the seas and oceans, almost all the countries of the world are connected by the sea.

To send kaolin to customers, we must also pay attention to the packaging of the products, which our company’s packages depend on the amount of kaolin that buyers order. After that, one of the most important things to pay attention to is how the laws of the destination country are about this product, and our factory is already reviewing all these cases. To send a sample, you must pay attention to all these cases.

Various Usage of Kaolin Clay at Different Industries

Various Usage of Kaolin Clay at Different Industries The usage of kaolin in various industries has been accompanied by increasing growth because this mineral has unique properties. This mineral is used in various cases as a raw material or by-product. One of the most important properties of kaolin is that it has an excellent covering property because it has a white color. Applications of kaolin include plastics, paper, paint, rubber, ceramics, refractory, fiberglass, aluminum sulfate, pharmaceutical containers, insecticides, cement additives, and zeolite production. The diverse and high use of kaolin has led to the use of this product with increasing evolution.

For instance, the usage of kaolin in the cosmetics industry is because of silica. White clay is a natural exfoliator which is suitable for all skin types. This natural substance is extracted from the depths of the earth and contains minerals that are vital for the skin. White clay removes impurities from beneath the skin and absorbs excess fat, which clogs pores. In addition, the natural white clay face mask cleanses the surface of your skin from the presence of complications and gives it clarity and softness. Kaolin clay nourishes the skin despite its important mineral elements. In addition, your skin cells are stimulated by the regular use of this product to perform activities such as collagen production.

Wholesale Exportation of Kaolin Clay to EU Countries

Wholesale Exportation of Kaolin Clay to EU Countries Our company mainly works in the field of wholesale exportation of kaolin due to having high quality. Our country, because of having many mines and the existence of high-quality mineral resources, has provided the base for our company to be able to export this product to European countries at a reasonable price compared to our competitors in this field. With your support, we have been able to work in this field for many years, and by gaining more experience, we can offer you better quality products day by day. You can register your order to buy this kaolin in bulk through the email site or by contacting our experts.

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