Sodium Powder Bentonite Price

Sodium Powder Bentonite Price

Identifying sodium powder bentonite price and quality determine its consumption market, therefore we provide you how to buy your required bentonite with best quality and price

Sodium Powder Bentonite

In this article, we want to introduce you to sodium bentonite, which is one of the most basic minerals in the industry

As can be seen from the name of this product; Bentonite sodium contains high amounts of sodium, which is white in color and can store up to 15 times its volume of water

This property has caused sodium bentonite to be used as the raw material of many products such as ceramic tiles, concrete, binders, and building materials that are very resistant to water

Another property of sodium bentonite is its use as medicine because this substance has detoxification properties and is able to remove many toxins from the body

 Sodium Powder Bentonite Price

Sodium Powder Bentonite Features

The most important feature of sodium bentonite is its high swelling property because this swelling closes all the pores of the clay and prevents the entry of water and air into the mineral

This feature has caused sodium bentonite to be used in various industries, the most important of which is the drilling industry


Water Absorption

Swelling Index

Percentage of SIO2

Percentage of Al2o3

Sodium bentonite is used in oil and gas drilling and geotechnical research due to its expansion and volume increase

And it is widely used in these research and drillings

Another important feature of sodium bentonite is its use in casting

Because in this industry, bentonite is used as a binder between casting sand and as a binder between steel and non-ferrous metals

 Sodium Powder Bentonite Price

Buy Sodium Powder Bentonite

To buy sodium bentonite, we must pay attention to several factors that play a role in its quality

Identify the price of each according to its quality in the market

One of the most important factors that we should pay attention to when buying is the white color of sodium bentonite

The second factor is its inflation rate

Because the higher and higher the inflation is, it indicates more and purer sodium and indicates the high quality of the product

 Sodium Powder Bentonite Price

Sodium Powder Bentonite Price + Buy and Sell

Today, there are types of bentonite in the market, which are white in color and looks very similar to sodium bentonite

Sodium bentonite identification requires high skill in mineralogy, therefore having an expert is essential when buying bentonite
The price of buying and selling sodium bentonite is very volatile in the market today

Sodium bentonite powder can be available in the market for between 1$ and about 5$ according to the small package

There are many more factors that play an important role in determining the price of sodium bentonite, so please refer to all of them when purchasing

If you intend to buy sodium bentonite at good quality and reasonable price, please contact us

We can provide you with the necessary guidance and provide you with the best price and quality

 Sodium Powder Bentonite Price

The Answer to Two Questions About Sodium Bentonite

1: How many hours does sodium bentonite last against heat?
More than 2 hours of sodium bentonite last against high temperatures

2: Is this type of bentonite suitable for foundry?
Most foundries in the world use only this type of bentonite

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