Raw Unprocessed Bentonite Clay | Buy at a cheap price

Raw Unprocessed Bentonite Clay | Buy at a cheap price

If it was 150 years ago and you were to walk near ANY volcanic pass, you would most likely come across big heap of raw unprocessed bentonite clay
This is a mineral which occurs naturally through time from the alteration volcanic ash
Although you can find it with the moisture content of approximately 30% but it is distinctively solid
The term bentonite was first used for a clay found about the year 1890 near fort Benton; and since then the uses of this practical mineral has only grown
Mostly it is used in Ceramic and Porcelain industries
You can name many things but plant healing and hair boosting are among the most called for uses and lots of other uses that are yet to be uncovered
All these reasons had made this simple abundant clay to turn into a regularly exported merchandise all around the globe; as it is essential to some industries such as ceramic and porcelain as mentioned
With the demands increasing; the number of people who chase this field are growing by the day and more
Hence the need for consultants who know the product very well

 Raw Unprocessed Bentonite Clay | Buy at a cheap price

Bentonite Clay Causes Cancer

Ok really
Does bentonite clay cause cancer? The first time I heard this statement, it was really mind-blowing
The possibilities where too much to consider
As this mineral is used in many edible products and medicine that are related to skin care and hair boost
Imagine a product like that which is used on a regular basis in most countries to be a carcinogenic! If it were proved, many industries would reach and impasse since they would be unable to find willing customer to sell their products
But fortunately while bentonite itself does not have any carcinogenic effects according to research studies, the impurities mixed in with the powder causes the most damage
This has only made finding suitable bentonite for each purpose a bit harder
Each bentonite mine has different molecular formula and is used for the proper industry
Hence the need for professionals to recognize and distinguish the need the bentonite to be able to supply wholesale with a peaceful mind that does not worry about the formula and gets the needed mineral for the intended production plant

 Raw Unprocessed Bentonite Clay | Buy at a cheap price

 Bentonite Clay Mask Benefits

Throughout the history and in many different cultures, Bentonite is used to detoxify the human body because of the useful nutrition in it
Even many animals consume bentonite clay to expunge the toxins in their bodies and to cure diseases
Nowadays, it is still used for detoxifying the body especially for facial skin cleaning and hair boosting with natural ingredients and in the form of facial mask
Bentonite facial mask helps beautifying the skin by absorbing and expunging toxins and enzymes which are the elements causing facial acne
And also this mineral has softening properties and make the skin so smooth and delicate
Bentonite Clay is one of the secrets of being attractive!

 Raw Unprocessed Bentonite Clay | Buy at a cheap price

There are more benefits using bentonite clay mask if properly used
Here I try to talk about a few of them

Bentonite clay mask along with rose-water removes offal and saturated fat from the skin and makes it clean

Bentonite clay mask hinders the skin from overproducing lipids

The Anti-acne mask decreases the effects of skin scars

Bentonite clay mask is completely harmless and is recommended for any type of skin

It help the skin to recreate the skin texture

It is harmless to repeat that the most obvious effects of this mask are eliminating the acne’s roots and of course it makes the skin so soft and gives it a shiny look
Maybe this would be one of the cheapest ways for skin care at all but rest assured that it’s not the least practical and efficient way

 Raw Unprocessed Bentonite Clay | Buy at a cheap price

Bentonite Clay Dangers

Bentonite clay contains a minuscule amount of lead which is a toxin metal, that is less than the amount of lead found in some edibles we consume daily such as sweet potato and Brussel sprouts
When you are searching for the recipes for how to use Bentonite clay you may come across recipes that say you can eat the clay
Many people decide to eat the homemade bentonite clay base on it being a detoxifier
It is not scientifically confirmed and we cannot comment on its dangers
So you have to consult your doctor before you try it
Other than these, there are no lasting harms known about bentonite clay in any form
There are few minerals found in the nature which have more or the same amount of quality and none of the bad side effects

 Raw Unprocessed Bentonite Clay | Buy at a cheap price

Bentonite Buy Online

Bentonite mines can be found around the world
So buying them online would be the only reasonable thing to do if you want to have a specific bentonite
As it was mentioned earlier the chemical formula varies from mine to mine
The bentonite used for ceramic plants and skin care is very different
And they are likely found in different location
For example the bentonite used in producing ceramic is much different from the bentonite used in glazing that very same ceramic
The formula, the moisture content and the status of the bentonite when it was first found in the nature are all different with bentonite used for ceramic or the bentonite used for its glazing
Or the bentonite used in producing Arcopal differs from the bentonite used for porcelain dishes and are mined from different mines
So there is the need for professional consultants who are working on this commodity as a profession
Because not any two suppliers would give you the same formula or the same price
Recognizing and distinguishing the right mineral is not an easy feat that takes time and technical properties
Let’s say you are interested to know more, or if you have your own production plant and you are looking for good quality bentonite with fair prices, just fill out the form below and get in touch with our consultants!

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